Dr. Jo­han­nes Trost

La­wy­er, Part­ner

+49 40 374778 - 61

Jo­han­nes is an in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly re­co­g­nis­ed le­gal ex­pert in ma­ri­ne ca­su­al­ties and da­ma­ge claims in the field of re­ne­wa­ble en­er­gy. He has ex­ten­si­ve ex­pe­ri­ence of ship col­li­si­ons, car­go ac­ci­dents, fire on board, ship­ping ac­ci­dents and sal­va­ge, bo­th at sea and in in­land wa­ter­ways, and when off­shore fa­ci­li­ties are af­fec­ted. His par­ti­cu­lar ex­per­ti­se lies in ca­ses in­vol­ving com­plex tech­ni­cal or nau­ti­cal is­sues.  Jo­han­nes fre­quent­ly ad­vi­ses cli­ents in­vol­ved in ma­jor ship­buil­ding and char­te­ring pro­jects, in com­plex mul­ti-ju­ris­dic­tion­al da­ma­ge claims, and acts for cli­ents in li­ti­ga­ti­on be­fo­re the or­di­na­ry courts of law and ar­bi­tra­ti­on tri­bu­nals. Jo­han­nes acts for Ger­man and in­ter­na­tio­nal ship­ping com­pa­nies, their P&I clubs and other insu­r­ers, pro­ject de­ve­lo­pers, ma­jor in­dus­tri­al com­pa­nies and shi­py­ards.

Jo­han­nes is lis­ted in Who’s Who Le­gal 2018 as an espe­ci­al­ly re­com­men­ded la­wy­er, “a gre­at la­wy­er”, and as “a re­al ex­pert” on ship­ping law. In the JUVE Hand­book of Com­mer­cial Law Firms 2017/2018, Jo­han­nes is men­tio­ned as be­ing “fre­quent­ly re­com­men­ded” in ma­ri­ti­me mat­ters. In the Le­gal 500, 2015, he is men­tio­ned as an “emi­nent ex­pert on in­land wa­ter­ways ship­ping law” and in the JUVE Hand­book 2014/2015 he is re­com­men­ded wi­th a client’s ac­co­la­de “al­ways sa­tis­fied”. Cor­po­ra­te In­ter­na­tio­nal gran­ted Jo­han­nes the award “Ma­ri­ne Ca­su­al­ties La­wy­er of the Year in Ger­ma­ny 2019” .

In his free time Jo­han­nes de­vo­tes hims­elf avid­ly to sai­ling wi­th his fa­mi­ly and to his clas­sic 1938-built mo­tor boat “MA­RIA av RA­NÖHAMN”.

  • Uni­ver­si­ties of Bonn and Mann­heim - doc­to­ral the­sis in 1999
  • Ad­mit­ted to the Ger­man bar in 1995
  • Joi­n­ed the firm in 2000
  • Com­pa­ri­son of lia­bi­li­ty re­gimes in Eu­ro­pean ship­ping
  • Num­e­rous pu­bli­ca­ti­ons on lia­bi­li­ty and sal­va­ge in blue and brown wa­ter ship­ping and on mat­ters of hull and ma­chi­nery insu­rance for in­land ship­ping
  • Lia­bi­li­ty is­sues re­gar­ding off-shore-wind­farms
  • Nau­ti­cal As­so­cia­ti­on of Ham­burg
  • Ger­man Ma­ri­ti­me Ar­bi­tra­ti­on As­so­cia­ti­on (GMAA)
  • Mem­ber of the Board for Ship­ping Law of As­so­cia­ti­on for Eu­ro­pean In­land Na­vi­ga­ti­on and Wa­ter­ways (VBW)
  • IVR Rot­ter­dam
  • wab - Wind­ener­gie-Agen­tur Bremerhaven/​Bremen e.V.
  • Clus­ter Re­ne­wa­ble En­er­gy Ham­burg