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  • Dr. Ni­co­las Schün­gel2021-04-21T10:27:20+02:00
    Chris­ti­an Schlie­ker, LL.M. (San Fran­cis­co)2021-04-21T10:26:22+02:00
    Dr. Ben­ja­min Wag­ner, LL.M.2021-06-21T14:43:50+02:00
    Dr. Dr. Jan R. Lüsing2021-08-03T11:25:51+02:00
    Dr. Mar­tin P. Lö­ge­ring2021-04-21T10:21:40+02:00
    Dr. Si­mo­ne Clau­ßen, LL.M. (Sout­hamp­ton)2021-04-21T10:21:03+02:00
    Dr. Sa­bi­ne Ritt­meis­ter2021-04-21T10:20:15+02:00
    Dr. Sa­rah Gah­len, LL.M. (Lon­don)2021-04-21T10:18:47+02:00
    Dr. Ja­kob Hoff­mann-Gram­bow2021-04-21T10:18:02+02:00
    Dr. Mat­thi­as Witt­schen2021-04-21T10:17:18+02:00
    Ed­ward Ma­gu­in, LL.B. (Lon­don)2021-04-21T10:15:06+02:00
    Dr. Jo­han­nes Trost2021-04-21T10:14:03+02:00
    Dr. Die­ter Arm­brust2021-04-21T10:12:34+02:00
    Dr. Ul­rich H. Stahl, LL.B. (Cantab.)2021-08-05T16:39:22+02:00


    Af­ter-hours emer­gen­cy re­spon­se num­ber

    An in­ci­dent may oc­cur at any time. We pro­vi­de 24/7 emer­gen­cy as­si­s­tance in all mat­ters of immedia­te con­cern such as ship ar­rests and ma­ri­ne ca­su­al­ties. Af­ter nor­mal busi­ness hours, you can re­ach us by cal­ling:

    +49 40 374778-99



    LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA Part­ner­schaft von Rechts­an­wäl­ten und So­li­ci­tor mbB Am Sand­tor­park 2 20457 Ham­burg Ger­ma­ny

    +49 40 374778–0
    F + 49 40 364650

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