Dr. Ul­rich H. Stahl, LL.B. (Can­tab.)

La­wy­er, Part­ner

+49 40 - 37 47 78 - 29

Ulrich’s prac­ti­ce co­vers the en­ti­re ran­ge of com­mer­cial li­ti­ga­ti­on, wi­th an em­pha­sis on ship­ping, in­ter­na­tio­nal sa­le, insu­rance and reinsu­rance. Ul­rich has an ex­cep­tio­nal li­ti­ga­ti­on re­cord right across his field of prac­ti­ce and ex­cep­tio­nal depth of ex­pe­ri­ence in com­mer­cial dis­pu­te re­so­lu­ti­on, in­clu­ding in very com­plex, hea­vy and high va­lue ca­ses. Ul­rich ap­pears in for­eign courts as an ex­pert on Ger­man law and has fre­quent­ly be­en ap­poin­ted as ar­bi­tra­tor. Ulrich’s cli­ents ran­ge from in­dus­tri­al groups to ship ow­ners, char­te­rers, insu­rance and reinsu­rance com­pa­nies.

Ul­rich is sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly na­med in the le­gal hand­books such as the Ger­man JUVE and the Le­gal 500 as a “fre­quent­ly re­com­men­ded la­wy­er” or “lea­ding in­di­vi­du­al”.

  • Uni­ver­si­ties of Mu­nich, Göt­tin­gen, Lon­don and Cam­bridge (LL.B. 1981) - doc­to­ral the­sis in 1987
  • Ad­mit­ted to the Ger­man bar in 1987
  • Joi­n­ed the firm in 1987
  • The time char­ter un­der Eng­lish Law (1987)
  • a num­ber of ar­tic­les pu­blished in le­gal jour­nals on sub­jects of litigation/​arbitration and insu­rance law
  • Ger­man Ma­ri­ti­me Ar­bi­tra­ti­on As­so­cia­ti­on (GMAA)
  • Lon­don Ma­ri­ti­me Ar­bi­tra­ti­on As­so­cia­ti­on (LMAA)
  • Ger­man As­so­cia­ti­on for In­ter­na­tio­nal Ship­ping Law (DVIS)
  • Vice Chair­man ARI­AS Eu­ro­pe e.V.