Trans­port & Lo­gi­stics

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the world.

LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA ad­vi­ses trans­port and lo­gi­stics busi­nesses and their insu­rance com­pa­nies on all aspects of car­ria­ge by road, rail, air, in­land wa­ter­ways and sea, and re­pres­ents its cli­ents in le­gal dis­pu­tes.

We are in­s­truc­ted across a very wi­de ran­ge of is­sues, in­clu­ding in lar­ge and smal­ler ca­ses of car­go da­ma­ge, cross-bor­der mul­ti-par­ty dis­pu­tes, the draf­ting of stan­dard terms and con­di­ti­ons as well as spe­cial con­tracts.

We re­gu­lar­ly re­pre­sent Ger­man and for­eign insu­rance com­pa­nies pur­suing re­cour­se claims.

Owing to our re­co­g­nis­ed ex­per­ti­se in ma­ri­ti­me law, we are fre­quent­ly in­s­truc­ted in ca­ses of com­plex mul­ti-mo­dal trans­port that in­clude a ma­ri­ti­me leg. Ship­ping work, in­clu­ding car­go claims, ge­ne­ral avera­ge, bill of la­ding and char­ter par­ty dis­pu­tes are part of the co­re ac­ti­vi­ties of the firm.

  • We have de­ve­lo­ped for our cli­ents stan­dard freight for­war­ding con­di­ti­ons for car­ria­ge of goods by rail.
  • We have gi­ven sub­stan­ti­al ad­vice to a Ger­man freight for­war­der cli­ent in con­nec­tion wi­th the draf­ting of frame­work agree­ments wi­th Ger­man and for­eign cus­to­mers.
  • We have ac­ted for a cli­ent in con­nec­tion wi­th lar­ge claims re­sul­ting from the derai­ling of a goods train. We coor­di­na­ted its de­fence in the le­gal pro­cee­dings brought in for­eign courts and ar­bi­tra­ti­on tri­bu­nals and se­cu­red its re­cour­se claims.
  • We act for Ger­man freight for­war­ders de­fen­ding claims for da­ma­ges brought by the trans­port ac­ci­dent insu­r­ers fol­lo­wing the loss of the car­go due to the sin­king of the “MOL COM­FORT”.
  • We have ac­ted for Ger­man freight for­war­der cli­ents de­fen­ding claims re­sul­ting from the in­ter­rup­ti­on of a car­ria­ge by sea on ac­count of a su­spec­ted in­f­rin­ge­ment of Iran sanc­tions.
  • In con­nec­tion wi­th an­ti-dum­ping ta­xes im­po­sed on im­por­ted goods, we have ac­ted for freight for­war­ders in their cla­im for an in­dem­ni­ty.