Scan­di­na­vi­an Desk

Vel­kom­men! Vel­kom­men! Väl­k­om­men!

LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA pro­vi­des com­pre­hen­si­ve as­si­s­tance to cli­ents from Scan­di­na­via with re­gard to their le­gal mat­ters in Ger­ma­ny.

We al­so as­sist Ger­man cli­ents with the suc­cess­ful rea­li­sa­ti­on of their ac­ti­vi­ties in Scan­di­na­via. Whe­re ap­pro­pria­te, we in­st­ruct first class lo­cal law firms known to us for ma­ny ye­ars, and coor­di­na­te their ac­ti­vi­ties on be­half of our cli­ents.

The com­pe­tence of our Scan­di­na­vi­an Desk rests on con­sist­ent­ly working in the in­te­rests of our cli­ents over ma­ny ye­ars and on a clo­se-knit net­work. The in­ter­na­tio­nal work ex­pe­ri­ence of our la­wy­ers ran­ges from lo­cal se­cond­ments to for­eign stays las­ting several ye­ars.

Ship­ping, clas­si­fi­ca­ti­on so­cie­ties, P&I clubs, insuran­ce com­pa­nies, lo­gistics, ser­vices, the con­su­mer goods in­dus­try as well as ar­bi­tra­ti­on tri­bu­nals, the foun­da­ti­on of com­pa­nies and in­sol­ven­cy pro­cee­dings.

  • We have ad­vi­sed a Nor­we­gi­an insuran­ce com­pa­ny in con­nec­tion with the col­li­si­on of a che­mi­cal tan­ker and other ves­sels in the port of Ham­burg
  • We have ad­vi­sed a lis­ted Nor­we­gi­an pro­du­cer of bran­ded con­su­mer goods on its mar­ket ent­ry in Ger­ma­ny, in­cl. the in­cor­po­ra­ti­on of a Ger­man li­mi­ted lia­bi­li­ty com­pa­ny (GmbH), the draf­ting of the ser­vice con­tract for the ma­na­ging di­rec­tor and of a tem­pla­te for an em­ploy­ment con­tract, and we act as “first point of con­ta­ct” for all le­gal ques­ti­ons of the ma­nage­ment
  • We have re­pre­sen­ted a Swe­dish P&I club in Ger­man ar­bi­tra­ti­on pro­cee­dings un­der the ru­les of the Ger­man Ma­ri­ti­me Ar­bi­tra­ti­on As­so­cia­ti­on in con­nec­tion with a char­ter par­ty dis­pu­te due to an oil pol­lu­ti­on in­ci­dent in the port of Valdez/​Alaska
  • We have ad­vi­sed a Da­nish fur­ni­tu­re com­pa­ny in the in­sol­ven­cy pro­cee­dings of the Ger­man mail or­der com­pa­ny Ne­cker­mann, which in­clu­ded re­c­lai­ming un­paid goods du­ring their ship­ment from Asia and nego­tia­ting with the credit insu­rer
  • We have ad­vi­sed a Nor­we­gi­an do­cky­ard on their ten­der for the con­struc­tion, trans­port and in­stal­la­ti­on of an off­shore wind HVDC plat­form, in­clu­ding the nego­tia­ti­on of a sub­con­tract with a Swe­dish tech­no­lo­gy com­pa­ny
  • We have ad­vi­sed a Nor­we­gi­an law firm on is­su­es of in­ter­na­tio­nal ci­vil pro­ce­du­re law in con­nec­tion with the col­li­si­on and sin­king of a ves­sel in the Sin­g­a­po­re Strait, re­sul­ting in court ca­ses in Nor­way, Ger­ma­ny, the Ne­ther­lands and Pa­na­ma, and have re­pre­sen­ted the cli­ent be­fo­re the Ger­man court
  • We have ad­vi­sed the Swe­dish ope­ra­ting com­pa­ny of the “Bal­tic Ca­ble” in con­nec­tion with a da­ma­ge to the HVDC sub­ma­ri­ne power ca­ble bet­ween Ger­ma­ny and Swe­den
  • We com­pre­hen­si­ve­ly ad­vi­se Ger­man sub­si­dia­ries of a lea­ding Da­nish en­gi­nee­ring and con­sul­tancy firm
  • We have ad­vi­sed a Nor­we­gi­an do­cky­ard on their ten­der for long-term main­ten­an­ce agree­ments for several off­shore wind plat­forms
  • We have ad­vi­sed the Nor­we­gi­an ship insu­rer in con­nec­tion with a da­ma­ge to a for­eign sta­te-ow­ned yacht at the fit­ting-out quay due to the swell of pas­sing ves­sels
  • We have ad­vi­sed several Ger­man ship-ow­ning com­pa­nies on fi­nan­cing ar­ran­ge­ments with Nor­we­gi­an in­ves­tors
  • We have coope­ra­ted with Nor­we­gi­an spe­cia­lists in mat­ters of eco-friend­ly ship re­cy­cling when ad­vi­sing a US cli­ent