Insu­rance / Re-insu­rance

Play­ing it safe whe­re risks are in­vol­ved.

LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA has re­now­ned spe­cia­lists in the law of com­mer­cial insu­rance and re-insu­rance, insu­rance bro­kera­ge and insu­rance su­per­vi­si­on.

We ad­vi­se our cli­ents in all are­as of com­mer­cial insu­rance and re-insu­rance, espe­ci­al­ly on the Scan­di­na­vi­an and Lon­don insu­rance mar­kets, e.g. on pro­per­ty insu­rance, lia­bi­li­ty insu­rance, D&O insu­rance, cy­ber insu­rance, and busi­ness in­ter­rup­ti­on insu­rance. We ad­vi­se and as­sist our cli­ents in dra­wing up terms of insu­rance. Our insu­rance prac­ti­ce is known par­ti­cu­lar­ly for de­fen­ding claims bo­th in and out of court, and for as­ser­ting claims in com­plex, of­ten cross-bor­der, high-va­lue insu­rance ca­ses (e.g. ma­ri­ne ca­su­al­ties, avia­ti­on ac­ci­dents, se­ri­al da­ma­ge, insu­red oc­cur­ren­ces co­ver­ed by fire and pro­ject insu­rance, yacht hull da­ma­ge, busi­ness in­ter­rup­ti­ons, clo­sure of busi­nesses in con­nec­tion wi­th the Co­Vid 19 pan­de­mic).

LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA is a mem­ber of Insu­rance Law Glo­bal, a glo­bal net­work of law firms wi­th out­stan­ding ex­per­ti­se in insu­rance law.

  • We have ac­ted for fire insu­r­ers in le­gal pro­cee­dings to de­fend claims ari­sing out of a ma­jor fire at a re­cy­cling plant.
  • We have ad­vi­sed cli­ents in con­nec­tion wi­th bro­kers’ lia­bi­li­ty fol­lo­wing a de­ni­al of co­ver by the insu­r­ers.
  • We have pro­vi­ded com­pre­hen­si­ve ad­vice in re­la­ti­on to the es­tab­li­shing and li­cen­cing of a new Ger­man insu­rance com­pa­ny.
  • We have ad­vi­sed a cli­ent in re­la­ti­on to the pro­vi­si­on of se­cu­ri­ty by hull insu­r­ers fol­lo­wing da­ma­ge to a port cra­ne.
  • We have ad­vi­sed the li­qui­da­tor in a ca­se in­vol­ving a cla­im un­der a D&O po­li­cy re­sul­ting from pay­ments ma­de af­ter the com­pa­ny had be­co­me unable to pay its debts.
  • We have ad­vi­sed insu­r­ers on the Lon­don mar­ket in con­nec­tion wi­th co­vera­ge claims un­der a non-ma­ri­ne builder’s risk insu­rance po­li­cy.
  • We have ad­vi­sed Ger­man insu­r­ers re­gar­ding claims un­der a buil­der’ risk po­li­cy for a me­ga yacht.
  • We have ad­vi­sed insu­r­ers on the Lon­don-mar­ket as to the mortgagee’s rights un­der a Ger­man ma­ri­ne hull po­li­cy in cir­cum­s­tances whe­re the insu­r­ers have de­nied co­ver to the shipow­ner.
  • We have ac­ted for the ves­sel ow­ners in a hull cla­im un­der suc­ces­si­ve Ger­man po­li­ci­es rai­sing is­sues as to the scope of co­ver and ap­por­ti­onment of the cla­im un­der the po­li­ci­es.
  • We have re­pre­sen­ted yacht ow­ners in court pro­cee­dings in re­spect of their cla­im un­der their yacht hull po­li­cy rai­sing is­sues of over-insu­rance.
  • We have ac­ted for insu­r­ers on the Lon­don mar­ket in Ger­man con­ci­lia­ti­on pro­cee­dings re­gar­ding co­vera­ge claims un­der a CAR po­li­cy in con­nec­tion wi­th al­le­ged da­ma­ges to/​defects of coo­ling wa­ter pipes for a power plant.
  • We have ac­ted for the ju­di­cial ad­mi­nis­tra­tor of the ce­ding insurer in the nego­tia­ti­on and con­clu­si­on of com­mu­ta­ti­on agree­ments wi­th a lar­ge num­ber of insu­r­ers and reinsu­r­ers fol­lo­wing the in­sol­ven­cy of the ce­ding insurer.
  • Pro­vi­ding com­pre­hen­si­ve ad­vice pro­vi­ded to re-insu­rance com­pa­nies on co­ver for Co­vid 19 los­ses (espe­ci­al­ly re­sul­ting from busi­ness clo­sures), wi­th re­gard to bo­th (Ger­man and Eng­lish) insu­rance and re-insu­rance law.
  • Ad­vi­sing insu­r­ers on claims fol­lo­wing avia­ti­on ac­ci­dents.
  • Ad­vi­sing and re­pre­sen­ting insu­r­ers’ con­sor­ti­ums in con­nec­tion wi­th se­ri­al da­ma­ges to off­shore wind tur­bi­nes.
  • Ad­vi­sing the ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of a con­tai­ner tra­ding com­pa­ny on claims un­der a D&O insu­rance po­li­cy.
  • Re­pre­sen­ting ship ow­ners on claims un­der a war risk insu­rance po­li­cy.