Com­mer­cial Law / In­ter­na­tio­nal Trade

Ma­king up the
right par­cel.

LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA has very long-stan­ding ex­per­ti­se in in­ter­na­tio­nal com­mer­cial law. We gui­de na­tio­nal cli­ents th­rough cross-bor­der tran­sac­tions and ad­vi­se for­eign cli­ents wi­th re­gard to their ac­ti­vi­ties in Ger­ma­ny.

Our work fo­cu­ses on dis­tri­bu­ti­on law (agree­ments wi­th com­mer­cial agents and aut­ho­ri­zed dis­tri­bu­tors, fran­chise agree­ments), on ban­king and fi­nan­cing is­sues, on the au­di­ting and draf­ting of stan­dard terms and con­di­ti­ons and on pro­vi­ding ad­vice and con­duc­ting li­ti­ga­ti­on wi­th re­gard to in­ter­na­tio­nal agree­ments, espe­ci­al­ly con­tracts of sa­le and con­tracts for work.

We ad­vi­se our cli­ents in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly and across all bran­ches of in­dus­try, whe­ther in the ship­ping in­dus­try, the fi­nan­ce in­dus­try, the food in­dus­try or the me­tals trade.

  • We have ac­ted for a Dutch tra­ding house deal­ing in or­ga­nic pro­ducts in a war­ran­ty cla­im un­der a sa­les con­tract for a co­coa pro­duc­tion chain.
  • We have ad­vi­sed a purcha­ser of car­go un­der switch bills of la­ding on its rights to re­ject the car­go and the do­cu­ments in the face of the re­fu­sal of the shipow­ner to di­schar­ge due to the in­sol­ven­cy of the in­ter­me­dia­te char­te­rer, and the ef­fect on the car­go insu­rance of the de­lay cau­sed by ow­ners’ re­fu­sal to di­schar­ge.
  • We have ad­vi­sed a tra­ding house on its rights to re­ject the do­cu­ments un­der the sa­le con­tract in cir­cum­s­tances whe­re an in­suf­fi­ci­ent quan­ti­ty of car­go had be­en ship­ped, and on whe­ther a va­ria­ti­on of the con­trac­tu­al pay­ment terms had be­en agreed and its ef­fect on the seller’s right to ter­mi­na­te the con­tract due to non-pay­ment.
  • We have ac­ted for a cli­ent in de­fen­ding a cla­im for da­ma­ges fol­lo­wing from a wi­th­dra­wal of the of­fi­ci­al cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of its pro­duct as or­ga­nic food.
  • We have ad­vi­sed a cli­ent in set­ting up a ship­ping li­ne in Ger­ma­ny, in­clu­ding wi­th re­gard to choice of flag, ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ve cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on re­qui­re­ments and port fa­ci­li­ty agree­ments.
  • We have ta­ken part in due di­li­gence exer­ci­s­es for banks in re­spect of va­rious trades in­clu­ding the oil trade, co­al trade, gas trade, cop­per trade, non-fer­rous me­tals trade, scrap trade.
  • We have ad­vi­sed banks see­king to put in place a le­gal ar­ran­ge­ment wher­eby goods stored in Ger­ma­ny can be used as se­cu­ri­ty for cre­dit fa­ci­li­ties.
  • We have ad­vi­sed bun­ker trad­ers in re­la­ti­on to their ge­ne­ral terms and con­di­ti­ons and on the ef­fect of choice of law and ju­ris­dic­tion pro­vi­si­ons on the re­co­gni­ti­on of for­eign ma­ri­ti­me li­ens.