Da­ta Pro­tec­tion State­ment pur­suant to Re­gu­la­ti­on (EU) 2016/679 (Ge­ne­ral Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Re­gu­la­ti­on – GDPR)

We, LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA Part­ner­schaft von Rechts­an­wäl­ten und So­li­ci­tor mbB, are com­mit­ted to pro­ces­sing per­so­nal da­ta trans­par­ent­ly and re­spect­ful­ly of your da­ta pro­tec­tion rights. This state­ment ex­p­lains how we, as da­ta con­trol­ler, deal with per­so­nal da­ta.

1. In­for­ma­ti­on about our pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal da­ta.

We ex­p­lain be­low how to con­ta­ct us about da­ta pro­tec­tion, what per­so­nal da­ta we pro­cess, how and why we pro­cess per­so­nal da­ta, and what right we re­ly on to do so:

(a) Con­ta­ct de­tails of the re­spon­si­ble par­ties.

If you have any que­ry about our da­ta pro­tec­tion po­li­cy as da­ta con­trol­ler, we en­cou­ra­ge you to con­ta­ct us. Our con­ta­ct de­tails are:

LE­BUHN & PUCH­TA Part­ner­schaft von Rechts­an­wäl­ten und So­li­ci­tor mbB
Am Sand­tor­park 2, 20457 Ham­burg

In ad­di­ti­on, you may con­ta­ct our ex­ter­nal da­ta pro­tec­tion of­fi­cer

Ex­ter­nal Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Of­fi­cer:
Swet­la­na Win­ter - Com­pany­Check Deutsch­land GmbH
Schil­ler­str. 47/49
22767 Ham­burg
Pho­ne: 0 40 - 54 09 03 15 0
Ex­ter­nal da­ta pro­tec­tion of­fi­cer Com­pany­Check Deutsch­land GmbH


De­pu­ty Ex­ter­nal Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Of­fi­cer:
In­go Pas­so­th - Com­pany­Check Deutsch­land GmbH
Schil­ler­str. 47/49
22767 Ham­burg
Pho­ne: 0 40 - 54 09 03 15 0
Ex­ter­nal da­ta pro­tec­tion of­fi­cer Com­pany­Check Deutsch­land GmbH


(b) Ty­pe of per­so­nal da­ta pro­ces­sed.

We pro­cess your per­so­nal da­ta when you pro­vi­de it to us, for ex­amp­le when you cor­re­spond with us. Ty­pi­cal­ly, such da­ta con­sists of your con­ta­ct de­tails. In the con­text of a cli­ent re­la­ti­ons­hip, ad­di­tio­nal in­for­ma­ti­on might be re­qui­red, for ex­amp­le for iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on pur­po­ses or to com­ply with an­ti-mo­ney laun­de­ring re­gu­la­ti­ons.

We may re­cei­ve in­for­ma­ti­on about you du­ring the cour­se of pro­vi­ding le­gal ser­vices to our cli­ents, for ex­amp­le in the con­text of wit­ness state­ments, ex­pert re­ports, court do­cu­ments, or com­mer­cial tran­sac­tions, de­pen­ding on the mat­ter in ques­ti­on.

We may pro­cess per­so­nal da­ta you make avail­ab­le on pro­fes­sio­nal­ly-ori­en­ted plat­forms you use and from other avail­ab­le sources re­le­vant to our work.

We do not collect in­for­ma­ti­on from you when you vi­sit our web­site.

(c) Pur­po­se of pro­ces­sing per­so­nal da­ta.

We may pro­cess your per­so­nal da­ta for the pur­po­se of
(i) cor­re­spon­ding with you and de­aling with your que­ries,
(ii) en­t­e­ring in­to or per­forming our con­tract with you or our cli­ent, which in­clu­des car­ry­ing out con­flict checks
(iii) pro­vi­ding our ser­vices
(iv) ge­nera­ting sta­tis­tics re­le­vant to the ma­nage­ment of our busi­ness and ana­ly­sing and im­pro­ving our busi­ness,
(v) main­tai­ning our list of pro­fes­sio­nal con­ta­cts,
(vi) sen­ding no­ti­fi­ca­ti­ons to you if we con­si­der you may be in­te­res­ted in their con­tents, for in­stance con­cer­ning de­ve­lo­p­ments in your or our sec­tors of ac­ti­vi­ty and in­vi­ta­ti­ons to spe­cial events,
(vii) ma­na­ging the re­cruit­ment of per­son­nel,
(viii) sto­rage as part of our do­cu­ment ma­nage­ment sys­tem,
(ix) com­ply­ing with our le­gal ob­li­ga­ti­ons, for ex­amp­le re­gar­ding sto­rage of do­cu­ments or un­der an­ti-mo­ney laun­de­ring ru­les
(x) pro­tec­ting your or the firm’s in­te­rests, for ex­amp­le in the cour­se of de­aling with a com­p­laint in re­spect of our ser­vices.

(d) Le­gal grounds for pro­ces­sing da­ta.

The Eu­ro­pean Ge­ne­ral Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Re­gu­la­ti­on and the Ger­man Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Act set out va­rious le­gal grounds on which per­so­nal da­ta may le­gi­ti­mate­ly be pro­ces­sed. Our pro­ces­sing is eit­her on the ba­sis of your con­sent (as per Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR) or, in par­ti­cu­lar, whe­re such pro­ces­sing is
(i) ne­cessa­ry for the per­for­mance of a con­tract to which you are par­ty or in­tend to be­co­me par­ty (as per Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR),
(ii) ne­cessa­ry for com­pli­an­ce with our le­gal ob­li­ga­ti­ons (as per Art. 6(1)© GDPR), or
(iii) ne­cessa­ry for the pro­vi­si­on of le­gal ser­vices which are in the pu­blic in­te­rest (as per Art. 6(1)(e) GDPR), or
(iv) ne­cessa­ry for the pur­po­ses of our le­gi­ti­ma­te in­te­rests, i.e. to pro­vi­de our ser­vices to you or our cli­ent or ma­na­ge and im­pro­ve the ser­vices we of­fer (as per Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR).

(e) Sharing per­so­nal da­ta with third par­ties.

In­so­far as ne­cessa­ry for any cli­ent re­la­ti­ons­hip with you, your per­so­nal da­ta will be pro­vi­ded to third par­ties, in par­ti­cu­lar op­pon­ents and their re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves (in par­ti­cu­lar ap­poin­ted la­wy­ers) in the con­text of pro­cee­dings, as well as courts and other pu­blic aut­ho­ri­ties for the pur­po­se of cor­re­spon­dence to es­tab­lish and de­fend your rights.

We may dis­c­lo­se per­so­nal da­ta to third par­ties who per­form ser­vices for us, such as web-hos­ting, ana­ly­tics and in­for­ma­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy pro­vi­ders or event ma­na­gers, whe­re this is ne­cessa­ry for them to pro­vi­de their ser­vices. We may al­so dis­c­lo­se per­so­nal da­ta to other third par­ties as may be ne­cessa­ry to com­ply with our le­gal ob­li­ga­ti­ons, for ex­amp­le towards law en­for­ce­ment agen­ci­es, or as we are per­mit­ted to do so by law. Dis­clo­sure may be ma­de to ad­vi­sors or po­ten­ti­al tran­sac­tion part­ners or their agents in con­nec­tion with a mer­ger, trans­fer, li­qui­da­ti­on or other dis­po­si­ti­on of our as­sets.

We will not other­wi­se share your per­so­nal da­ta wi­thout your con­sent. Our pro­fes­sio­nal du­ty of con­fi­den­tia­li­ty re­mains un­af­fec­ted.

(f) Trans­fer of da­ta out of the EU.

In or­der to car­ry out the in­st­ruc­tions of our cli­ent, it may be ne­cessa­ry for us in cer­tain ca­ses to trans­fer per­so­nal da­ta to a coun­try out­side of the Eu­ro­pean Uni­on or to an in­ter­na­tio­nal or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on. Other than when you have ex­pli­ci­tly con­sen­ted to such a trans­fer (as per Art. 49(1)(a) GDPR), the le­gal grounds upon which we pri­ma­ri­ly ex­pect to re­ly for such a trans­fer are that
(i) it is ne­cessa­ry for the per­for­mance of a con­tract bet­ween the da­ta sub­ject and their da­ta con­trol­ler (as per Art. 49(1)(b) GDPR), or
(ii) it is ne­cessa­ry for the es­tab­lish­ment, ex­er­cise or de­fence of le­gal claims (as per Art. 49(1)(e) GDPR), or
(iii) it con­cerns avail­ab­le in­for­ma­ti­on from a re­gis­ter which is avail­ab­le to in­spec­tion to per­sons ha­ving a le­gi­ti­ma­te in­te­rest to the in­for­ma­ti­on (as per Art. 49(1)(g) GDPR).


2. Fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on about fair and trans­pa­rent pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal da­ta.

As part of our com­mit­ment to pro­cess per­so­nal da­ta in a fair and trans­pa­rent man­ner, we set out fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on for you be­low:

(a) Length of sto­rage.

We store per­so­nal da­ta for as long as we re­a­son­ab­ly re­qui­re for le­gal or busi­ness pur­po­ses.

(b) Per­so­nal rights re­gar­ding da­ta.

You can ask us to have ac­cess to the per­so­nal da­ta we hold about you, have your da­ta cor­rec­ted or era­sed or ob­ject to pro­ces­sing in who­le or in part, and be gi­ven your da­ta in a por­ta­ble for­mat, sub­ject al­ways to the pro­fes­sio­nal re­gu­la­ti­ons, rights and ob­li­ga­ti­ons ap­p­ly­ing to us. For ex­amp­le, if you would pre­fer not to re­cei­ve any no­ti­fi­ca­ti­on from us of a mar­ke­ting cha­rac­ter, you may no­ti­fy us of this and we shall not send you any such no­ti­fi­ca­ti­on wi­thout your con­sent.

(c) Wi­th­dra­wal of con­sent to pro­ces­sing of da­ta.

If you do not wish to re­cei­ve ge­ne­ral in­for­ma­ti­on from us, plea­se let us know and we will not send you any such ge­ne­ral in­for­ma­ti­on the­re­af­ter wi­thout your ex­pli­cit con­sent. If you wish to ob­ject to a cer­tain kind of pro­ces­sing to which you have pre­vious­ly con­sen­ted, you can at any time wi­th­draw your con­sent for the fu­ture in the sa­me man­ner as you in­iti­al­ly ga­ve it. In all ca­ses, you may use the con­ta­ct de­tails set out at the start of this no­ti­ce.

(d) Right to com­p­lain.

If you would li­ke to make a com­p­laint re­gar­ding the hand­ling of your per­so­nal da­ta, we in­vi­te you to con­ta­ct us and we will make every ef­fort to re­sol­ve the is­sue with you. You can al­so make a com­p­laint to the Da­ta Pro­tec­tion Of­fi­cer for Ham­burg (Ham­bur­gi­schen Be­auf­trag­ten für Da­ten­schutz und In­for­ma­ti­ons­frei­heit), de­tails of which can be found at: www​.da​ten​schutz​-ham​burg​.de

(e) Con­se­quen­ces of not pro­vi­ding da­ta.

Un­less we in­form you that per­so­nal da­ta is re­qui­red for us to pro­vi­de our ser­vices, or is com­pul­so­ry, e.g. to com­ply with an­ti-mo­ney laun­de­ring re­gu­la­ti­ons, the pro­vi­si­on of per­so­nal da­ta is not ne­cessa­ry or com­pul­so­ry, but if we are not pro­vi­ded with per­so­nal da­ta, this may af­fect how we can de­li­ver our ser­vices to you or in­ter­act with you.

(f) Chan­ges to this pri­va­cy state­ment.

This pri­va­cy state­ment is sub­ject to chan­ge, in par­ti­cu­lar as our prac­ti­ces or the le­gal re­qui­re­ments evol­ve. You should ac­cord­in­gly re­gu­lar­ly con­sult our pri­va­cy state­ment on our web­site to check whe­ther it has be­en up­dated.


3. Pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal da­ta: On­line ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons and web­site vi­si­tors

(a) On­line ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons

The ap­p­li­ca­ti­on do­cu­ments and elec­tro­nic files you pro­vi­de to us are pro­ces­sed ex­clu­si­ve­ly for the pur­po­se of your ap­p­li­ca­ti­on (Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR). We will con­ta­ct you as part of the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on pro­cess in or­der to in­form you of the sta­tus of your ap­p­li­ca­ti­on and as the ca­se may be to in­vi­te you for an in­ter­view. Your da­ta will be de­le­ted at the la­test six mon­ths af­ter com­ple­ti­on of the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on pro­cess, un­less you have con­sen­ted to us con­ta­c­ting in the fu­ture in re­spect of re­le­vant job po­si­ti­ons (Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR).

(b) Web­site vi­si­tors

When you open this web­site, your brow­ser will au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly send da­ta to the ser­ver on which this web­site is hos­ted and that da­ta will be tem­pora­ri­ly stored the­re in a so-cal­led Log­file. Un­til this file is au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly de­le­ted af­ter three days, the fol­lowing da­ta will be au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly collec­ted and stored:

  • IP ad­dress of your de­vice,
  • date and time of ac­cess,
  • na­me and URL of the ope­ned web­site,
  • web­site through which you ac­cess our web­site (so-cal­led re­fer­rer URL), and
  • the brow­ser you use and as the ca­se may be the ope­ra­ting sys­tem of your de­vice, as well as the na­me of your ac­cess pro­vi­der.

The pro­ces­sing of such da­ta is le­gi­ti­ma­te ac­cord­ing to Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR. Our le­gi­ti­ma­te in­te­rest is the ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty and user-friend­li­ness of our web­site, its se­cu­ri­ty, sta­bi­li­ty and ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on.

Da­ta pro­ces­sing is ex­press­ly not for the pur­po­se of ana­ly­sing your per­son.

(c) Coo­kies

We use ses­si­on coo­kies on our web­site. The­se are nor­mal­ly de­le­ted au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly when you lea­ve our web­site or clo­se your brow­ser. Da­ta pro­ces­sing is ba­sed on Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR for the pur­po­se of en­su­ring or op­ti­mi­sing the usa­bi­li­ty of this web­site. By choo­sing the ap­pro­pria­te set­ting in the brow­ser of your de­vice, you can at any time de­le­te coo­kies and block new coo­kies, alt­hough this may li­mit or im­pair the usa­bi­li­ty of this web­site. We do not use coo­kies to ana­ly­se your per­son.

The fol­lowing coo­kies are set:
Tech­ni­cal or func­tio­n­al coo­kies
So­me coo­kies en­su­re that parts of our web­site func­tion cor­rect­ly. Pla­cing func­tio­n­al coo­kies makes it ea­sier to use our web­site.

Ana­ly­tics coo­kies
We do not use ana­ly­sis coo­kies on this web­site.

Ad­ver­ti­sing coo­kies
We do not use ad­ver­ti­sing coo­kies on this web­site.

Pla­ced cookies/​ tech­ni­cal coo­kies
Fu­si­on The­me
We use Fu­si­on The­me for con­tent crea­ti­on.

Na­me : fusionredux_​current_​tab. Sto­rage time 1 week
This da­ta will not be shared with third par­ties.

Ava­da Pri­va­cy Bar
We use Ava­da Pri­va­cy Bar for coo­kie opt-in ma­nage­ment.

Na­me: privacy_​embeds
This da­ta will not be shared with third par­ties.

We use Wor­d­Press for web­site de­sign and con­struc­tion.

Na­me: mc_​session_​ids [mul­ti Un­til end of ses­si­on chap­t­cha plugin for bot pro­tec­tion of web­site forms
Na­me: mc_​session_​ids Un­til end of ses­si­on Chap­t­cha Plugin for bot pro­tec­tion of web­site forms

This da­ta will not be shared with third par­ties.

(d) Goog­le ana­ly­tics.

We use Goog­le Ana­ly­tics, a web ana­ly­tics ser­vice pro­vi­ded by Goog­le Inc. (https://​www​.goog​le​.com/​i​n​t​l​/​e​n​/​a​b​o​ut/) (1600 Am­phi­thea­ter Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA, here­af­ter “Goog­le”) for the pur­po­se of cus­to­mi­zing and con­ti­nu­al­ly op­ti­mi­sing our pa­ges. In this con­text, pseud­ony­mi­sed usa­ge pro­files are crea­ted and coo­kies (see 3.c) are used. The in­for­ma­ti­on ge­ne­ra­ted by the coo­kie about your use of this web­site such as

  • brow­ser ty­pe / ver­si­on,
  • ope­ra­ting sys­tem used,
  • Re­fer­rer URL (the pre­vious­ly vi­si­ted pa­ge),
  • host na­me of the ac­ces­sing com­pu­ter (IP ad­dress),
  • time of ser­ver re­quest,

are trans­fer­red to a Goog­le ser­ver in the USA and stored the­re. The in­for­ma­ti­on is used to eva­lua­te the use of the web­site and to com­pi­le re­ports on web­site ac­ti­vi­ty. This in­for­ma­ti­on may al­so be trans­fer­red to third par­ties if re­qui­red by law or if third par­ties pro­cess this da­ta as da­ta pro­ces­sors. In no ca­se will your IP ad­dress be mer­ged with other da­ta pro­vi­ded by Goog­le. The IP ad­dres­ses are an­ony­mi­zed, so that lin­king is not pos­si­ble (IP mas­king).

You can pre­vent the in­stal­la­ti­on of coo­kies by set­ting the brow­ser soft­ware ac­cord­in­gly; howe­ver, we point out that in this ca­se not all fea­tures of this web­site may be ful­ly ex­plo­i­ted.

You can al­so pre­vent the collec­tion of da­ta ge­ne­ra­ted by the coo­kie and re­la­ted to your use of the web­site (in­clu­ding your IP ad­dress) and the pro­ces­sing of this da­ta by Goog­le by down­loading and in­stal­ling a brow­ser add-on (https://​tools​.goog​le​.com/​d​l​p​a​g​e​/​g​a​o​p​t​o​u​t​?​h​l​=de).

As an al­ter­na­ti­ve to the brow­ser add-on, espe­cial­ly for brow­sers on mo­bi­le de­vices, you can pre­vent the collec­tion by Goog­le Ana­ly­tics by cli­cking on this Link. An opt-out coo­kie will be set which pre­vents the fu­ture collec­tion of your da­ta when you vi­sit this web­site. The opt-out coo­kie is on­ly va­lid in this brow­ser and on­ly for our web­site and is stored on your de­vice. If you de­le­te the coo­kies in this brow­ser, you must set the opt-out coo­kie again.

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on about pri­va­cy re­la­ted to Goog­le Ana­ly­tics, see the Goog­le Ana­ly­tics Help Cen­ter (https://​sup​port​.goog​le​.com/​a​n​a​l​y​t​i​c​s​/​a​n​s​w​e​r​/​6​0​0​4​2​4​5​?​h​l​=en).


(e) Goog­le Maps on mo­bi­le de­vices

On our web­site we don’t use the map ma­te­ri­al of Goog­le Maps but Most mo­bi­le de­vices al­low their users to turn off lo­ca­ti­on-ba­sed ser­vices. In most ca­ses, this op­ti­on can be found in the me­nu un­der “Set­tings”. If you have any fur­ther ques­ti­ons about how to turn off lo­ca­ti­on-ba­sed ser­vices on your de­vice, we re­com­mend that you con­ta­ct your mo­bi­le ope­ra­tor or the ma­nu­fac­tu­rer of your de­vice.

To use the func­tions of Goog­le Maps, it is ne­cessa­ry that your IP ad­dress is trans­mit­ted to the pro­vi­der of the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on, Goog­le Inc, Am­phi­theat­re Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA (“Goog­le”), usual­ly to a ser­ver in the USA, and stored the­re. It is pos­si­ble that fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on is al­so collec­ted, pro­ces­sed or used by Goog­le. We have no in­flu­ence on this.

If you are log­ged in with your per­so­nal Goog­le user ac­count while using the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on, Goog­le can as­sign the vi­sit to the pa­ge on which map ma­te­ri­al is em­bed­ded to this ac­count. If you do not wish such an as­sign­ment, you must log out of your ac­count be­fo­re vi­si­t­ing this web­site.

Goog­le Maps is used in the in­te­rest of an ap­pe­aling pre­sen­ta­ti­on of our on­line con­tents and of an ea­sy lo­ca­ti­on of our of­fice. This re­pres­ents a le­gi­ti­ma­te in­te­rest wi­t­hin the me­a­ning of Art. 6 Pa­ra. 1 lit. f GDPR.

The pur­po­se and scope of da­ta collec­tion by Goog­le and the fur­ther pro­ces­sing and use of your da­ta the­re, as well as your rights in this re­gard, can be found in the Terms of Use for Goog­le Maps and the Pri­va­cy Po­li­cy of Goog­le.

(f) Goog­le re­CAP­T­CHA

Zum Schutz Ih­rer An­fra­gen per In­ter­net­for­mu­lar ver­wen­den wir den Dienst re­CAP­T­CHA des Un­ter­neh­mens Goog­le Inc. (Goog­le). Die Ab­fra­ge dient der Un­ter­schei­dung, ob die Ein­ga­be durch ei­nen Men­schen oder miss­bräuch­lich durch au­to­ma­ti­sier­te, ma­schi­nel­le Ver­ar­bei­tung er­folgt. Die Ab­fra­ge schließt den Ver­sand der IP-Adres­se und ggf. wei­te­rer von Goog­le für den Dienst re­CAP­T­CHA be­nö­tig­ter Da­ten an Goog­le ein. Zu die­sem Zweck wird Ih­re Ein­ga­be an Goog­le über­mit­telt und dort wei­ter ver­wen­det. Ih­re IP-Adres­se wird von Goog­le je­doch in­ner­halb von Mit­glied­staa­ten der Eu­ro­päi­schen Uni­on oder in an­de­ren Ver­trags­staa­ten des Ab­kom­mens über den Eu­ro­päi­schen Wirt­schafts­raum zu­vor ge­kürzt. Nur in Aus­nah­me­fäl­len wird die vol­le IP-Adres­se an ei­nen Ser­ver von Goog­le in den USA über­tra­gen und dort ge­kürzt. Im Auf­trag des Be­trei­bers die­ser Web­site wird Goog­le die­se In­for­ma­tio­nen be­nut­zen, um Ih­re Nut­zung die­ses Diens­tes aus­zu­wer­ten. Die im Rah­men von re­Cap­t­cha von Ih­rem Brow­ser über­mit­tel­te IP-Adres­se wird nicht mit an­de­ren Da­ten von Goog­le zu­sam­men­ge­führt. Für die­se Da­ten gel­ten die ab­wei­chen­den Da­ten­schutz­be­stim­mun­gen des Un­ter­neh­mens Goog­le. Wei­te­re In­for­ma­tio­nen zu den Da­ten­schutz­richt­li­ni­en von Goog­le fin­den Sie un­ter: https://​po​li​ci​es​.goog​le​.com/​p​r​i​v​a​c​y​?​h​l​=de

(g) So­cial Me­dia Plug-ins

Wir set­zen auf un­se­rer Web­site auf Grund­la­ge des Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. f DSGVO So­cial Plug-ins des so­zia­len Netz­wer­ke Face­book, so­wie der Platt­for­men XING, Lin­kedIn und You­tube ein. Die­se Diens­te wer­den von den Un­ter­neh­men Face­book, Goog­le Inc., Xing AG, Lin­kedIn Inc. und You­Tube LLC ver­wen­det und an­ge­bo­ten („An­bie­ter“).

Der da­hin­ter­ste­hen­de werb­li­che Zweck ist als be­rech­tig­tes In­ter­es­se im Sin­ne der DSGVO an­zu­se­hen. Die Ver­ant­wor­tung für den da­ten­schutz­kon­for­men Be­trieb ist durch de­ren je­wei­li­gen An­bie­ter zu ge­währ­leis­ten. Die Ein­bin­dung die­ser Plug-ins durch uns er­folgt im We­ge der so­ge­nann­ten Zwei-Klick-Me­tho­de um Be­su­cher un­se­rer Web­sei­te best­mög­lich zu schüt­zen.

Auf un­se­rer Web­site wer­den so­ge­nann­te So­cial Plugins („Plugins“) der so­zia­len Netz­wer­ke

Wenn Sie die Plugins ak­ti­vie­ren und da­mit Ih­re Zu­stim­mung zur Da­ten­über­mitt­lung er­tei­len, stellt Ihr Brow­ser ei­ne di­rek­te Ver­bin­dung zu den Ser­vern der je­wei­li­gen An­bie­ter her. Der In­halt des je­wei­li­gen Plugins wird dann vom zu­ge­hö­ri­gen An­bie­ter di­rekt an Ih­ren Brow­ser über­mit­telt und in die Sei­te ein­ge­bun­den. Durch die Ein­bin­dung der Plugins er­hal­ten die An­bie­ter die In­for­ma­ti­on, dass Ihr Brow­ser die ent­spre­chen­de Sei­te un­se­res Web­auf­tritts auf­ge­ru­fen hat, auch wenn Sie kein Pro­fil bei dem ent­spre­chen­den An­bie­ter be­sit­zen oder ge­ra­de nicht ein­ge­loggt sind. Die­se In­for­ma­ti­on (ein­schließ­lich Ih­rer IP-Adres­se) wird von Ih­rem Brow­ser di­rekt an ei­nen Ser­ver des je­wei­li­gen An­bie­ters (re­gel­mä­ßig) in die USA über­mit­telt und dort ge­spei­chert.

Sind Sie bei ei­nem der so­zia­len Netz­wer­ke ein­ge­loggt, kön­nen die An­bie­ter den Be­such un­se­rer Web­site Ih­rem je­wei­li­gen Pro­fil un­mit­tel­bar zu­ord­nen. Wenn Sie mit den Plugins in­ter­agie­ren, zum Bei­spiel den „Ge­fällt mir“- But­ton kli­cken, wird die ent­spre­chen­de In­for­ma­ti­on eben­falls di­rekt an ei­nen Ser­ver der An­bie­ter über­mit­telt und dort ge­spei­chert. Die In­for­ma­tio­nen wer­den au­ßer­dem in dem so­zia­len Netz­werk ver­öf­fent­licht und dort Ih­ren Kon­tak­ten an­ge­zeigt.

Zweck und Um­fang der Da­ten­er­he­bung und die wei­te­re Ver­ar­bei­tung und Nut­zung der Da­ten durch die An­bie­ter so­wie Ih­re dies­be­züg­li­chen Rech­te und Ein­stel­lungs­mög­lich­kei­ten zum Schutz Ih­rer Pri­vat­sphä­re ent­neh­men Sie bit­te den Da­ten­schutz­hin­wei­sen der An­bie­ter:

Wenn Sie nicht möch­ten, dass die je­wei­li­gen An­bie­ter die über un­se­ren Web­auf­tritt ge­sam­mel­ten Da­ten un­mit­tel­bar Ih­rem Pro­fil in dem je­wei­li­gen Dienst zu­ord­nen, müs­sen Sie sich vor dem Ak­ti­vie­ren der Plugins bei dem ent­spre­chen­den Dienst aus­log­gen.

(h) Goog­le Web Fonts

This site uses web fonts, which are pro­vi­ded by Goog­le, for the uni­form dis­play of fonts. When you open a pa­ge, your brow­ser loads the re­qui­red web fonts in­to its brow­ser cache to dis­play texts and fonts cor­rect­ly.

For this pur­po­se, the brow­ser in use must con­nect to Google’s ser­vers. This en­ab­les Goog­le to know that our web­site has be­en ac­ces­sed via your IP ad­dress. The use of Goog­le Web Fonts is in the in­te­rest of a uni­form and at­trac­ti­ve pre­sen­ta­ti­on of our on­line of­fers. This re­pres­ents a le­gi­ti­ma­te in­te­rest wi­t­hin the me­a­ning of Art. 6 Pa­ra. 1 let­ter f DSGVO.

If your brow­ser does not sup­port Web Fonts, a stan­dard font will be used by your com­pu­ter.

Fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on on Goog­le Web Fonts can be found at https://​de​ve​lo​pers​.goog​le​.com/​f​o​n​t​s​/​faq and in the Goog­le da­ta pro­tec­tion de­cla­ra­ti­on: https://​www​.goog​le​.com/​p​o​l​i​c​i​e​s​/​p​r​i​v​a​cy/.


(i) Ac­tua­li­ty and chan­ging this pri­va­cy po­li­cy

This pri­va­cy po­li­cy is cur­r­ent­ly va­lid and is va­lid as of Fe­bru­ar 2021.

As a re­sult of the fur­ther de­ve­lo­p­ment of our web­site and ser­vices or due to chan­ged le­gal or of­fi­cial re­qui­re­ments, it may be ne­cessa­ry to chan­ge this pri­va­cy po­li­cy.