Bal­tic Ar­bi­tra­ti­on Days

On 12-13 Ju­ne 2022, the 11th Bal­tic Ar­bi­tra­ti­on Days will ta­ke place in a hy­brid for­mat – on­site in Ri­ga and on­line.

As the cur­rent trans­port sys­tem hea­vi­ly de­pends on oil re­sour­ces, the “gree­ning” of the trans­port sec­tor will lead to ra­pid and far-rea­ching tran­si­ti­ons. This will in­clude a si­gni­fi­cant in­crease of pro­jects in­ten­ding to ma­xi­mi­ze the ef­fi­ci­en­cy of the cur­rent trans­port sys­tem and to re­du­ce trans­port green­house gas emis­si­ons. Wi­th ar­bi­tra­ti­on be­ing fre­quent­ly used in pro­jects con­cer­ning en­er­gy, in­fra­struc­tu­re and pro­jects de­si­gned to mi­ti­ga­te green­house gas emis­si­ons, ar­bi­tra­ti­on will play an im­portant ro­le in re­sol­ving dis­pu­tes in such pro­jects.